Charlton Wealth Management

How We Are Paid

We offer an initial no obligation first meeting, at our offices and at our expense.

During this meeting we will explain how we work as a firm and how we are remunerated for our services. During this meeting you will be given documentation which details the types of advice and different levels of service that can be provided by our advisers and the standard costs associated with delivering these services.

Further, you will be given full details on how the firm is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), the range of products we are authorised to advise upon and all other relevant information so you are in a fully informed position to decide whether you wish to employ our services.


Clients pay for our advice in the following ways:

  • Fees
    Since 31st December 2012, it has been a regulatory requirement that the cost of all investment and pension advice be based on a fee rather than commission. We will provide full details of costs during our initial meeting.
  • Commission
    We will always tell you about any commission we earn, and the cost of this commission paid out by the provider will normally be factored into the price or your product. These commissions vary with different products and providers but will be documented on the key facts illustration (KFI) you receive from the adviser.